Social Media And Creativity – Publishers Brands And Agencies Speak Out

Social media platforms are a fantastic place in order to generate appeal for movies and films, especially for places like Cannes that are going to amass a multitude of people that will see what they are presenting, yet you may not realize what you are looking at if you are spending all of your time on the beachfront.

You need to understand the role that social media can play when it comes to a creative industry. Are there actually brands that just use social media for distribution purposes, or is there another purpose for these platforms? The strategies that are used to generate traffic – are they actually part of the creative process from the very beginning?

When you speak with publishers, agencies, and many other most prestigious brands, they tend to see social media as an effective way to set up campaigns in order to become more creative, as opposed to simply using them for distribution and media purposes. There are many global leaders, specifically for social media platforms, that have a lot to say about this strategy. According to some, this is a part of every creative process. When people see social media information, it helps inspire them to be more creative. Social platforms are certainly good for content generation, and the more that you consume this content, the more creative you can be in many different formats and also connect with those that have ideas and stories that can help you connect with your own network.

Younger agencies, sometimes referred to as social creators, are able to provide you with the mental edge so that you can win the proverbial Grand Prix race; for example, VICE Media/VIRTUE’s and LADbible’s wins just a few years ago clearly shows that there are always possibilities. Even established platforms like Burger King have won awards using social media, often delivering one-liners in a comedic fashion in order to connect with people on multiple platforms.

This is what many publishers, agencies and brands had to say.

Don’t do social. You need to be social!

Social media is not just a simple distribution tool for a couple of reasons:

If you look at social advertising today, it’s actually significantly more expensive than the cost of mass media advertising. Esther Oostrom of AEGON has stated that if you want to reach a million people, social media can be extremely expensive. If you want a highly effective way to reach your audience, mass media campaigns are just too difficult to measure. When you look at the cost per click that you will pay, this can sometimes be minimized if you have a very high converting creative, whereas people with an average creative are going to pay more money. The cost per acquisition will also be much higher. When looking at mass media advertising, however, you are going to have more people see your advertisement, which will lead to more sales when compared to social advertising. To find out more information on social media I recommend getting in touch with a social media marketing agency, just go on Google and type social media marketing agency UK.

As the saying goes, if you are not going to use something properly, then you should not be using it at all. Social media can be a very effective way to advertise, especially with their paid media platforms, but it must be combined with something that engages and resonates with the people you’re trying to contact. D&AD’s CEO, Tim Lindsay stated that creativity really isn’t a performance marker, nor is it a simple way to simply push a button to get more traffic. You need to think more like influencers, those that are on social media platforms, that are able to use their organic reach in a phenomenal way to produce outstanding results. There are many brands that will use the standard distribution method when setting up campaigns, but if they do this too many times, you will start to realize it’s not as innovative as it once was, which means it will not produce the results you are expecting plus you will receive an award for your efforts.

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