Tips For HGV Drivers On How To Stay Cool In Summer

Outdoor conditions during the summer can be unbearable because of the increased heat. Situations can be challenging for HGV drivers and their vehicles. New drivers tend to ask common questions such as how much does it cost to renew a HGV licence? But forget to ask how they can keep cool in the summer which is just as important. Below are several tips on how you can stay cool during the summer and ensure you are safe while on the road as an HGV driver.

1: Drink Plenty Of Water

The rate of fluid loss from your body during the summer increases the hotter it gets. You sweat more, especially when active. Therefore, it is best to drink water regularly to stay hydrated. It also keeps you cool when in the heat.

Failure to keep your fluid intake up leads to dehydration which can cause stomach upset, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Your concentration also slumps, which can be dangerous, especially when driving. You will endanger the passengers’ lives and that of other motorists. Therefore, it is best to ensure you take at least a glass of water before heading out during the summer and have a bottle with you in the HGV.

You can freeze some water bottles and use them as ice packs to help keep other items cold if you do not have a portable icebox. Conversely, they can defrost during the journey, and you can enjoy chilled water while on your trip.

2: Beware Of The Glare

The chances of experiencing vision impairment when driving in the summer months are relatively high because of the abundant sunlight. The risk is more significant when you are headed toward the sun. The blaring sunlight can be distracting and cause you to have a slower response to issues that arise unexpectedly when driving. Thus, it is best to have a pair of quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight and the harmful UV rays, ensuring you have a glare-free vision when driving.

3: Wear Sun Cream

Summer days are when your body is bombarded the most by UV rays. You also could sustain sunburns because of prolonged exposure to the sun, even when sitting in your truck. While the sun’s rays might hit some of your body parts, it is best to ensure that your entire body is protected. Therefore, invest in quality sun cream that shields your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

4: Prep Your HGV

The summer heat can be unbearable at times, dealing a blow to you and your vehicle. Hence, it is best to watch out for issues that might arise because of the heat.

For instance, the tyres could blow out because of the hot conditions (external metals, the air, and tarmac). Also, the tyres build up pressure and heat very quickly when on the road and will blow out when the heat exceeds their design specifications. While you can do little to prevent the tyres from heating up, you can take adequate measures to ensure you are not stranded on the road when they do. Start by inflating the tyres to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Moreover, hot or cold weather can impact your brakes, causing them to underperform. However, hot weather has the most adverse effects. The brakes endure significant friction that generates heat when slowing down the HGV. Conditions can worsen when the outside temperatures are high, making it hard to predict what to expect. The brakes can be less effective or fail to work. You can lower the chances of this happening by ensuring the brake pads are in excellent condition for the summer days, and you replace the brake fluid.

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