Why You Should Get A Pergola

Trendy outdoor patio pergola shade structure, awning and patio roof, dining table, chairs, metal grill surrounded by landscaping

Many homeowners enjoy using their backyards for entertaining and relaxing and in many cases are often looking at additional ways to enhance their outdoors. Homeowners who see themselves as being backyard enthusiasts often want to make constant improvements to their homes for better aesthetics, functionality and overall enjoyment. Using landscape enhancements, it can greatly help to sculpt the particular mood or personality that you want your home to convey as well as showcase your hospitality. So, if you are thinking about this, then getting a pergola installed is an option you should consider. As a side point if you are in Hampshire then you might want to see ‘glassrooms Hampshire‘.

Pergolas Help To Extend Your Home

If you have a patio or deck installed in your home, then you probably did this to increase your living space. However, if you think that your outdoor space isn’t so great in the afternoon due to the sun or if you want some more weather protection, then a pergola is a great option. It will basically increase how much living space you have and increase how much time you can spend outdoors. Once it is accurately designed and oriented to your home, it will provide a lot of shade to’ make the afternoon very enjoyable. If you want to have some extra protection, then you can get a retractable shade installed on your pergola. There are many shade covers that will also protect against the rain which is great for entertaining in unpredictable weather.

Lots Of Pergola Design Options

When it comes to pergolas, you have to figure out if you want to get a kit or go custom. Landscaping professionals can help by designing a custom made pergola just for your backyard or you can simply buy a ready-built kit from one of the many pergola manufacturers within the United States. However, keep in mind that if you buy one of these kits, you won’t have the design and size flexibility as if you go custom. You will usually have to choose from rectangular-shaped pergolas that come in set dimensions. However, once you purchase one, everything will be delivered to you and you can get a landscaping professional to install it.

The next thing you have to decide on is the material. There are lots of different materials that you will have to consider and they all have their pros and cons.

Pressure-treated wood: This is actually the cheapest option. Pressure-treated wood has a good lifespan, however, it can become cracked or warped as time goes by. It is best to paint or stain this type of pergola for the best look.

Cedarwood: A very popular option for pergolas is cedarwood and in particular, Western Red Cedar. This type of wood is visually appealing and it naturally repels insects. It is possible to use this in its untreated form and it will naturally turn a silver-grey color. Alternatively, you can stain and seal this wood so that the colour stays for a long time. Keep in mind that cedar pergola is more costly than a pressure-treated pergola. However, the cedar will offer a longer lifespan.

Vinyl: In the event that you want a low-maintenance pergola, then you should look into one made from vinyl. Keep in mind that vinyl can’t be painted so you will have to select from the provided colours.

Fiberglass: This is the most expensive pergola material. However, it is extremely strong which allows you to cover a longer area without needing posts. For example, you can go as many as 20 feet without a post which provides a better aesthetic. Additionally, you can paint this material in any colour that you desire and this colour will last a lot longer than painted wood. It is also a great option if you want to add a pergola to a patio or deck. It is a very light material so deep footers won’t be necessary.

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