The Many Roles Within a School in the United Kingdom

If you’re moving to the United Kingdom and have school-aged children, it’s important to know about the different roles within a school. There are many different positions such as Lord Mayor of treloar college, that make up a school system in the UK, from headteacher to teaching assistant. In this blog post, we will discuss the various roles and what they entail. Keep reading for more information!

Headteacher- The headteacher is responsible for the overall running of the school and ensuring that it meets Ofsted standards. They are also responsible for hiring staff and managing budgets.

Deputy headteacher- The deputy headteacher assists the headteacher with their duties and often takes on responsibility in their absence. They may also teach classes if needed.

Assistant headteachers- Assistant headteachers support the deputy headteachers and often take on additional responsibilities such as leading a certain subject area or being in charge of students with special educational needs.

head of the department- Head of departments oversees a certain subject area or group of teachers. They are responsible for planning the curriculum and ensuring that standards are met.

Teachers- Teachers are responsible for planning and delivering lessons to their students. They also mark work, set homework, and report back to parents on progress.

Teaching assistants- Teaching assistants support teachers in the classroom with tasks such as setting up equipment, helping students who need extra support, and preparing materials.

science lab technicians- Science lab technicians help to set up experiments, maintain equipment, and prepare materials for science lessons.

cleaners- Cleaners keep the school clean and tidy. They may also be responsible for setting up rooms for events or cleaning up after accidents.

catering staff- Catering staff prepare meals for students and staff. They may also serve food in the canteen or cater for special events.

administrative staff- Administrative staff work in the office and are responsible for tasks such as answering phone calls, dealing with enquiries, and maintaining records.

barista- Baristas work in the school cafeteria and prepare hot drinks for students and staff. They may also serve food.

behaviour support worker- Behavior support workers help students who have behavioural issues. They work with the student to identify the causes of their behaviour and help them to develop positive coping mechanisms.

lunchtime supervisors- Lunchtime supervisors oversee the students during lunchtime. They may also help to set up activities or supervise playtime.

special needs assistants- Special needs assistants support students with special educational needs in the classroom and outside of lessons. They may also work one-to-one with a student or a small group of students.

Cover supervisors- Cover supervisors are responsible for supervising classes when teachers are absent. They may also be asked to teach lessons if they are qualified to do so.

Librarians- Librarians manage the school’s library resources and help students with their research. They may also run reading clubs or other events.

IT technicians- IT technicians maintain the school’s computer systems and provide support to staff and students.

Caretakers- Caretakers are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the school building and grounds. They may also set up classrooms for lessons or events.

School office staff- School office staff handle administrative tasks such as pupil registration, absences, and billing. They are also usually the first point of contact for parents and visitors.

invigilator – Invigilators supervise exams and make sure that the regulations are followed. They may also invigilate other tests or assessments.

Exam officers- Exam officers coordinate the administration of exams and ensure that all the necessary materials are available. They may also liaise with external exam boards.

The many roles within a school in the United Kingdom can be broadly divided into three categories: teaching, support, and administrative roles. Teaching roles include

There are many different roles within a school system in the United Kingdom, each with its own responsibilities. By understanding these roles, you can better understand how the school system works and what to expect when you have children attending school in the UK.

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