Benefits of Yoga

It improves strength, balance, and flexibility
Deep breathing and slow movement warm up muscles and increase blood flow, while you build strength when holding a pose.

Try the Tree Pose

This is where you are balancing on one foot as you hold the other to the calf or above the knee (it shouldn’t be on the knee) at a right angle. Your focus should be on a spot in front of you while balancing for a minute.

Helps with back pain relief

Yoga is great when it comes to basic stretching. It will help ease pain and improve mobility for those dealing with back pain. Yoga is the first recommendation from Elements Yoga Studio to treat low back pain.

Try the Cat-Cow Pose

Go on all fours, then place your palms under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Inhale while letting the stomach drop down towards the ground. Exhale as you draw the navel towards the spine, which is going to arch your spine the same way a cat stretches.

Helps with arthritis

Yoga is going to help in easing some discomfort of swollen joints that people get when suffering from arthritis. This has been seen in many recent studies.

Benefits heart health

Yoga can help reduce stress levels and inflammation in the body, which contributes to a healthier heart. Yoga can help with many contributing factors to heart disease like excess weight and high blood pressure. This makes a yoga a great way of improving your health

Try the Downward Dog Pose

Go on all fours then bring the sitting bones up and tuck your toes under. You are going to make a triangle shape when you do this. Keep a slight bend on the knees, and lengthen your spine and tailbone.

It relaxes you and helps you sleep better

Studies have shown having a bedtime yoga routine before bed can help in getting into the right mindset and your body will be ready to fall and stay asleep.

Try the Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Start by sitting on the left side against the wall. Turn right gently and left the legs up to rest against the wall. Your back should be on the floor and the sitting bones close to the wall. Keep this position for 5-25 minutes.

It can help with brighter moods and more energy

Yoga can increase your physical and mental energy, boost in enthusiasm and alertness, and fewer negative feelings after regularly practicing it.

Helps in managing stress

Yoga has been shown to help with stress management and there are many scientific studies supporting this fact. It also helps with healthy eating, mindfulness, quality sleep, and weight loss.

Try the Corpse Pose

Lie down and stretch out your limbs away from your body, and the palms facing up. Breath deeply and try clearing the mind. Hold the position for 5-15 minutes.

Connecting with a supportive community

Taking part in Yoga classes is going to help deal with loneliness and provides a good environment where people can get group support and healing. Individual sessions are also going to help reduce loneliness because a person is going to be acknowledged as a unique individual. You are going to feel great when you take part in coming up with a good Yoga plan.

Promotes better self-care

Yoga is being studied by organizations and even the military. The military has studied this area a lot and has seen the many benefits of yoga.

Studies have shown yoga to help with things like osteopenia, arthritis, oncology, balance issues, chronic pain, women’s health, and other specialties.

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